It's over. In the saga surrounding Antonio Brown, the final chapter was finally written, happy ending included: The Oakland Raiders have secured the services of wide receiver signed for the coming three years.

But is that a good deal for Brown? For the Steelers, too? And how do Head Coach Jon Gruden and the eccentric superstar fit together? answers the most important questions about the mega deal:

What does the deal look like in detail?

The soon to be 31-year-old pass receiver is going to California for a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick.

Brown will also receive a new three-year deal that will allow him to rake in a maximum of 54.125.000. 30.125.000 dollars are guaranteed to be doing so. He is now the league's highest-paid wide receiver, according to Ian Rapoport.

The bottom line is Brown is making 19.8 million out of the $17 million a year he got two years ago for the new contract at the Steelers. On top of that, he gets 30.125 million guaranteed – before that, it was zero at the Steelers.

The treaty was without question the biggest hurdle, which Brown not only cleared, but set new standards.

Has Antonio Brown won now?

Yes, I think you can put it that way. The man has put everything on one card with the end of the season, chatted out internals, berated the ex-employer and beaten him mightily around him only to be able to seek the expanse. It was a weeks-long theater in which Brown played an unspeakable lead role.

A tactic that could also have completely backfired, after all, he's shown the whole NFL world what a character he has. The Steelers, for example, would have opposed a trade and complicated the whole thing, curled the career, because Brown had no say right, he didn't have a no trade clause.

It could also have gone to the Buffalo Bills, as it was initially called on Friday. Brown got a taste of the vocal schadenfreude that such a deal would have brought, Brown got unfiltered via Twitter and Co.

The happy ending is now here though, with the franchise moving to Las Vegas in 2020 – for Brown a scenario that seems like painted. And that's clear: For Brown, the risk bill goes up.

Are there losers, too?

Yes, the Steelers are the big losers. They mess around with "Dead Money " to the tune of $21.2 million, for one of the best receivers, but now no longer plays for the. You can save a million at Cap Space through the trade, plus there are the two picks mentioned- "only " a third and one fifth-round pick.

Mind a franchise that had three first-round picks available.

General manager Kevin Colbert had toned beforehand that one would "one of the best players of the NFL " not surrender at a "mockery price ." But what has been done in the end. The numerous cancellations have recently reduced market value.

However, the question is whether the Raiders can be ruthlessly chosen to win. The bottom line is that they have a receiver who has been one of the best in his field in the past. For six years, Brown has always delivered more than 1200 yards, averaging more than ten touchdowns.

In the summer, however, Brown will be already 31 years old.

What is open, then, is whether Brown can continue to play at the level at which he is paid for the next three years. But: The Raiders got a good deal with the picks without question.

Are the Raiders starting now?

This is not the way to do it any time soon. Quarterback Derek Carr may be irrepressibly excited about a new weapon in the Offense, he had last drummed for the trade.

Cheap Antonio Brown Jersey,But it's also clear: The Raiders still have enough construction sites to close. Head Coach Jon Gruden is in the midst of upheaval with his team.

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Through the trade, however, they can now concentrate on exactly that in the draft (from April 25 live on ProSieben MAXX and The three first-round picks (4th, 24th and 27th) they still have.

Jon Gruden and Antonio Brown – does that fit?

Two eccentrics on a pile, that could get highly explosive. But Gruden is a self-confessed fan of the superstar.

He sang a praises of the 30-year-old just last season. "I told all our receivers, ' If you have a chance to see him train, you'll see him unlock his greatness. He's the hardest working player in football, the hardest working player in training I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of good ones, like Jerry Rice. But Antonio Brown is right at the front ' for me, "Gruden said.

And with Brown, too, anticipation looms large. Best conditions for there to be a happy ending in sports.