Since his (partly) extraordinary achievements at the Combine, the hustle and bustle around D.K. Metcalf has been huge. But although the receiver is extremely strong and fast, there are perfectly legitimate doubts that the 21-year-old is an upcoming superstar.

There's such a joke there currently circulating in the US.

Cardinals: "We'll take Nick Bosa with the first pick! "

D.K. Metcalf: "No, you take michl! "

Cardinals: "Yes, sir!!"

On the net you'll find a lot of these sayings and memes that are a little reminiscent of the legendary Chuck Norris jokes. Much like Norris, Metcalf is a phenomenon, since his extraordinary Combine the 21-year-old has been attached to the Nimbus of the Invincible.

No wonder, because Metcalf consists of 104 kilograms of pure muscle mass, he is 1.93 meters tall and looks almost like line-man. In fact, though, he's a wide receiver. He ran the 40-yard dash in a sensational 4.33 seconds, while bench pressing he watched the 102 kilograms up and down 27 times. His arm span of nearly 2.10 metres is an unofficial Combine record.

Injuries prevent better numbers at college

Impressive numbers that caused an enormous hustle and bustle around Metcalf. But what is the real point of the hype surrounding the receiver? After all, on closer inspection, there are certainly reasons to doubt that D.K. Metcalf is an upcoming NFL superstar.

"Just because my one is an athletic freak, you're not also a great player ," tweeted, say, Tom Luginbill, a talent scout and analyst for CFB and ESPN. You only have to look at Metcalf's videos, Luginbill continued, pointing to the weak numbers the receiver had to show at college.

In three seasons for Ole Miss, Metcalf caught 67 balls for 1,228 yards and 14 touchdowns. Even though his first season was ended early by a foot injury and the third by a neck injury, those are not the numbers of an upcoming superstar. Luginbill described Metcalf's time at college as "slightly productive ."

Is the low body fat percentage a cause of injury?

And, of course, injury susceptibility is also an issue. Even the actually incredible 1.6 per cent body fat allegedly measured at Metcalf at the Combine is viewed critically by experts. "Should we be pleased that D.K. Metcalf is at 1.6 percent, even if that's true? The answer is no. This puts you at an unfathomably high risk of injury , "explained physiotherapist Jeff Cavaliere, who regularly works with NFL professionals.

Metcalf's explosiveness and power are beyond question, but even his performances at the Combine have not been outstanding in all areas. In the 3-Cone Drill and the 20-yard shuttle, disciplines that are less popular and get less attention, the 21-year-old showed astonishingly weak performances.

In two Tests slower than Tom Brady

In the 3-cone-drill, where three hands are set up in L-form, have to be expired and it mainly comes down to acceleration, balance and rapid changes of direction, Metcalf achieved a time of 7.38 seconds. For comparison, Tom Brady handled the 3-Conte drill in 2000 at his almost legendary bad Combine in 7.2 seconds. Metcalf was also slower than Brady (4.38 seconds) at the 20-yard shuttle, which is all about sideways movement, fast starts and stops.

Cheap Tom Brady Jersey,But Tom Brady's example also shows that the performances at the Combine are only partially meaningful for the following NFL career. After all, 19 years on, with six Super Bowl rings, Brady is perhaps the best player of all time.

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Where the journey goes for D.K. Metcalf will show in the coming season. No matter what franchise he ends up with, the receiver will have to show he can use his power and speed effectively on the field as well. Otherwise, there is a risk he will only be remembered for his extraordinary performances at the Combine.