There are all sorts of alleged, relationship meadow truths in sports. Mike Zimmer also has one: Free agents are getting better and better in their second season at a club. "I've always experienced that in my 25 or 26 years as a coach. The free agents played better and better in the second year , "the Minnesota Vikings head coach said.

It also resonates a bit of hope, of course, that it applies to his quarterback Kirk Cousins, too.

"He'll play great "

"They have to learn where everything is, they don't know anyone. They need to find a home, their locker. All things like that. I think he'll play great , "Zimmer said.

What is clear is that, of course, you can expect a learning curve for second-year newcomers when they have joined the team and the system. The rule isn't that, though, with some free agents during his tenure, Zimmer's bill doesn't go up then either. Statistically, at least.

cheap wholesale nfl jerseys shop,Statistically, Cousins, with his 4298 yards, 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, was already doing well in his debut year with the Vikings anyway. He missed it with an 8-7-1 record though, leading his team to the playoffs, also conditioned by errors in crucial situations.

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That's why the Vikings aren't just betting that Cousins, with his 31 years, is improving and making another move. So Gary Kubiak's commitment as offensive adviser and assistant head coach is supposed to help Cousins, because Kubiak has similar ideas to Mike and Kyle Shanahan, who coached Cousins in Washington in 2012 and 2013.