Antonio Brown has said goodbye to the Oakland Raiders. That leaves the Pittsburgh Steelers facing a fresh start. It's not just Ben Roethlisberger who matters. Financially, it looks mau.

Cheap Ben Roethlisberger Jersey,It almost seems like the Pittsburgh Steelers don't want to perceive the departure of Antonio Brown. On Monday-and thus more than 24 hours after the first reports of the fixed deal with the Oakland Raiders-the club released a story about its contracted wide receivers.

This article pays particular attention to the man with the number 84. Examples pleasing? His 686 receptions over the past six seasons would represent an NFL record for such a span of time. Likewise, the 9145 receiving yards since 2013. And the 15 touchdown catches of the past Regular Season are unique in Steelers history, he said.

Sporting hurts Brown departure

Each and every one of these numbers proves how much the departure of "AB " should hurt the franchise athletically. And why ranNFL expert Patrick Esume in his video blog calls the Steelers "the biggest loser " of the trade. An opinion that many U.S. colleagues would also sign.

The Steelers without Brown? After Le 'Veon Bell had already taken flight to one of the most talented running backs? Due to this development, which culminates in the public squabbles at the end of the Regular Season, an early reunion with the Vince Lombardi Trophy seems almost impossible.

Roethlisberger Expones the Most Passing Yards

After all, after the Running Game, the team from "Steel City " now has to reinvent its passing game. And that's after a season in which Ben Roethlisberger, with 5129 yards, is expecting the best.

But the future is long in the wings in Pittsburgh-more than that. If James Conner, with 215 runs for 973 yards including twelve touchdowns, already filled the gap left by Bell with flying colours, more responsibility now also comes to JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Smith cobbler sends Instagram messages

The 2017 draft's second-round pick already hinted on his Instagram channel that he feels ready. After a "I'm ready " post followed just hours later the promise: "I will never let up. "

With 111 receptions, the 22-year-old already caught seven more passes than Brown in his second NFL season. At the stretch traveled-1426 yards-he outscored the breakaway superstar by 129 yards in the closing game. So Smith-Schuster was already on par with "AB ."

JuJu with half as many touchdowns as "AB "

Only with touchdowns did he fall well short of the king of receivers with seven to 15. Now the crown prince will have to prove he also has what it takes to the Top Target. The Defense lineups will finally rush their best linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties to Smith cobblers.

In any case, the youngster feeds the hope that the Brown trade will rip open a far smaller wound than many experts suspected. Even Esume clarifies: "It's harder to find a franchise quarterback than a franchise receiver. "

Roethlisberger 2018 with three personal season records

With "Big Ben ," the Steelers have one of the most reliable playmakers in the NFL. The six-time Pro bowler last put down a fabulous season with personal best at Completions (452), touchdown passes (34) and just passing yards. He embodies the perfect leader of the rejuvenated Offensive Corps.

In the power struggle with Brown, the two-time Super Bowl champion is allowed to feel victorious. And that success is now probably still being sweetened. According to "ESPN ," 37-year-old Ben Roethlisberger is already waving a new mega-contract in the coming weeks.

"Big Ben " would cash in $17 million

It is also likely to be a question of restructuring. After all, as things stand, the last surviving of the "Killer B's " feared by the competition would rake up to $17 million. Yet the Steelers can't afford to throw money around with money just after the Brown trade. Finally, "AB " charges the salary cap a whopping $21.1 million. So much is not cashing in on a receiver in the league in 2019.

Only $12.1 million is said to be available to the club to Cap Space, according to players ' union NFLPA. The added picks in the third and fifth rounds are likely to be at least a small blessing. As a result, Pittsburgh is now allowed to access the draft nine times.

Focus on reinforcements for Defense

Not only in Tennessee at the end of April, but also generally during free agency, the Steelers ' focus is likely to be on defense. This is considered the actual Achilles heel despite the bloodletting of stars from the Offense. An initial position that should promise Mike Tomlin, more inclined to the defense.

Then the head coach, who is conspicuously reserved during the Brown saga, doesn't have to dwell too much on the past either. After all, a new era is now beginning in Pittsburgh-even if the franchise still revels in memories on the site.