The Alabama Crimson Tide's defensive tackle spent the past year in the fast lane. Meanwhile, the 21-year-old is considered the top pick candidate in this year's draft.

Quinnen Williams has a glaring weakness. If you can even call that such. With him, she obviously ignites the turbo.

Sweets tempt him. Oreos, more specifically.

The double biscuits with vanilla filling, which are so popular in the USA. The "Double Stuf " variant, classically pelt in milk. If so, then double crème, and almost daily.

So, too, before the NFL Combine. He had breakfast whizzed whole, then insert four Oreos as a snack on the way and put on an imposing time.

Strong Combine time
His 4.83 seconds in the 40-yard dash was the fastest time a player with his weight (303 pounds, around 138 kilograms at 1.90 meters) ran since 2012 and the fourth-best since 2003. Just one comparison: Running back Elijah Holyfield, who weighs 86 pounds less, was just 0.05 seconds faster.

Williams managed his time in the second attempt, from which his agent actually cordoned him off. "Because his first time of 4.87 seconds was already great. But he has trusted himself , "Nicole Lynn said.

It's also these little things that have made the defensive tackle one of the hottest talents at the draft in just one year (live on ProSieben MAXX and from April 25).

At the time, he didn't even know if it would be enough to be the starter at the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Cornerstone of Defense
Yet he played a strong season, it was his first and only as a set size, and was in the process one of the cornerstones of the defense with which Crimson Tide clinched the college title. On 71 tackles came Williams, including 19.5 "for loss ," plus eight sacks.

Now he is considered a surefire top-ten pick, number one with defenders or even a first-over pick by the Arizona Cardinals, even before that of also highly traded Defense colleague Nick Bosa or quarterback Kyler Murray.

"They gave me a great way to take another step. I took on the challenge and improved , "Williams says of his breakout season: " There were a lot of good guys playing in front of me, I just had to fit in. "

He impressed, his video tape says so much that the 21-year-old basically didn't have to prove anything at the Combine anymore, but "just " had to confirm what he has on it. He also knew how to convince in the interviews, it is said. Sure: He still looks back almost every day, according to his own statement, thinking about where he stood then and where he is today. "I'm blessed with being here now and just enjoying it. "

Strong combination
Gratitude, modesty – that goes down well in the NFL. Sporty, it is considered a strong overall package in terms of size, speed and productivity. The combination of power and speed is essential for a player on his position, and with that he once again left an impression on the Combine.

He himself doesn't just see the physical as a big plus. "What sets me apart is my football intelligence ," he clarified. addresses weaknesses such as its size, but above all praises its efficiency, along with its instincts, speed and athleticism, which should help it against both the running and passing game.

wholesale nfl jerseys cheap,His college coach confirms the impressions. "He's very instinctive, with a very good quickness ," said Nick Saban, who also certified Williams to learn the tactic quickly. "Although some people think he's a bit too small, he doesn't play like that. He's a really good combination. '

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He was then classified by as a "future starter with pro bowl qualities ."

Whichever pick it will become in the end: He is already likely to have a first sponsor for sure.